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Come experience how to dramatically increase your sales, strategically mange your lead generation, accurately forecast future sales, and so much more. Our Web-Based CRM puts the power of your sales information and campaigns in the hands of your team, anytime and anywhere. The convenience and power to see every aspect of your sales funnel anytime will allow you to see an immediate impact on your sales. Sign up today for a free trial and see why the world's best Value-Based CRM is the perfect tool for your business and brand.

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation is the idea of taking the sales cycle, and finding efficient and strategic ways to make this painless and effective. A CRM helps you track every individual customer interaction, forecast leads, track and analyze your sales team and their efforts, and so much more. Our Online CRM means your sales team has access to their entire customer portfolio and sales network, wherever they go and whenever they want. Explore how a CRM can manage your sales team and maximize your company's profits. read more

Lead Management / Generation

Our Lead Management Software will become the crux of your sales team. Finally you can easily manage all your leads, from lead generation through until they make a buying decision. You can track every interaction, keep strategic notes, set alerts and so much more as you manage the entire lead life cycle in Salesboom. Come see what 15 years in the CRM world can for you. read more

Contact Management Software

Contact Management Software is the backbone and foundation of a powerful CRM platform. Come see why we are the world's best Value-Based CRM, and how this all began with smart, strategic Contact Management, Our CRM will allow you to keep detailed customer profiles, from every interaction to their sales habits and needs all in one easy to use platform. Our Web-Based CRM allows you be connected to your Client database, anywhere and anytime. read more

Account Management

Give the personal attention your customers desire and deserve with our Account Management Software. Ideal for when multiple employees work under the same account, track in real-time every interaction, note, and desired detail as it happens. See how Salesboom will blast your account-based sales and marketing campaigns off with our award-winning Online CRM software. read more

Opportunity Management Software

CRM Opportunity Management Software is the perfect tool to help any company advance its sales and grow their sales pipeline. By having a platform and tools to track and create new opportunities, our award-winning Cloud CRM will keep you from ever missing an Opportunity again. Come see why we are the world's best Value-Based online CRM software. read more

Quote to Cash

Quote Management and Quote to Cash are some of our newest innovations in the CRM world. Now you are able to track every quotation, fulfillment, and give your sales teams on demand quotes and service your customer better. Your sales team will love how easy it is to integrate with and customize our Web-Based CRM and begin to get those quotes in the customers hands. read more

Product Database Software

CRM Product Database Software will help you integrate your product catalog, giving your sales team and customers a quick access to everything you offer. Our Web-Based CRM allows you to determine key-selling times by painting a clear picture of product-movement and strategic product-sales. Maximize your sales efficiency by creating focused product-selling initiatives with our award-wining Online CRM. read more

Contract Management

Our CRM with Contract Management Software will add a huge boost to your sales cycle, by saving you precious time and keeping your team organized. Experience the convenience of keeping every contract online, with its entire historical overview, available anytime, anywhere. Our online CRM gives you the ability to access your contracts and their history instantly, making for much simpler sales executions. read more


Forecasting sales and marketing with our Award-Winning Online CRM will never be this easy. Prepare the direction of your company by always having an instant, virtual snapshot of your sales history, product movement, and marketing campaigns all within our Web-Based CRM. Come try our award-winning CRM and see what 15 years in the industry can do for you. read more

Commissions Tracking and Compensation

CRM Commissions Tracking and Compensation Management has never been simpler and more convenient. Flawlessly monitor all commissions earned, while you manage multiple commission plans within your business. Easily calculate extra earnings and compensations earned and quickly identify your top earners at any point within a sales cycle or marketing campaign. Our Web-Based CRM puts your commission program on the fast-track to success. read more

Zip Code Proximity Search

Our Zip Code Proximity Search will help you narrow down your prospecting region and provide accurate and pin-point searches, perfect for your Marketing and Sales initiatives. Come experience how our award-wining Web-Based CRM can help maximize the efficiency of your prospecting and marketing campaigns. read more

Get the latest in Sales Software features, such as:

  • Territory Management
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Emailing
  • Office365 Email & Calendar Integration
  • Gmail & Google Calendar Integration
  • Document Management Workflow with Approvals & eSignature
  • AI
  • Chatbots
  • Intelligent call lists
  • Automated Follow-up
  • Texting
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics
  • Mobile Sales App
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